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Solar Kinetics Inc. is Georgia's premier residential solar panel installer. Our focus on Excellent Customer Service, Quality Installations and Affordable Finance Options are second to none in the industry. Call Now to speak to a live representative. See how Solar Kinetics can help you obtain your Energy Independence.

At Solar Kinetics, we make Solar Affordable for the everyday working class citizen. We guarantee that the solar system that we install on your home will generate the power that we quote you or we will pay you the difference. We make sure that the solar panels have curb appeal and do not detract from the beauty of your home. With Solar Kinetics, you can now choose to no longer be monopolized by the utility company. Each solar system comes with a 10 year premium maintenance contract and a 25 year factory warranty on all installed parts.

Through our financial partners we are able to offer loans that completely cover the cost of your solar system. From there we eliminate your electric bill by installing clean renewable solar on your home. You then pay back the loan with the money that you save from your utility bill. We set up your payments so that you pay roughly the same and often times less than what you are currently paying the utility company. The difference is, your payment is a fixed rate that does not rise and fall with the seasons. No more rising electricity cost every year. No more sky high electricity bills during the summer months. You are guaranteed to save thousands over the lifespan of the solar system. 

Completely eliminate you monthly electric bill and pay a cheaper price to capture free energy from the sun. Each year electricity rates are increasing nationally. With a Solar Kinetics Solar System you can avoid rate increases by paying a fixed rate for solar each month. Solar preserves our environment and reduces your carbon footprint. It is a clean renewable energy that is cost effective and causes no pollution. The installation of solar also Increases the resale value of your home. Expect your property value to increase by thousands of dollars once your solar system has been installed.

Government subsidies do not last forever and can expire abruptly at any time. A government tax incentive of 30 percent of the cost of a solar system is currently available to all those that get their solar system installed this year. By choosing Solar Kinetics now, you can also avoid next year's utility rate increase and pay a low fixed monthly payment to own your own energy producing solar system. Another great reason to install solar is to support Georgia's booming solar industry. Solar is generating jobs in Georgia. By installing your solar system today you help to ensure a brighter future for working class Georgians and the families that they support.

The benefit of Installing a Solar Kinetics solar system far outweigh the cost. In fact, in most cases, it cost less to pay for solar than it does to pay your electric bill on a monthly basis. Please give us the opportunity to educate you on all the benefits of solar and how it can positively impact the lives of you and your loved ones. Call Solar Kinetics today and schedule a free consultation. At Solar Kinetics, we pride ourselves on being the most knowledgeable solar installer with the best customer service in the industry. If you have any comments, questions or concerns please give us a call and a Solar Kinetics representative will gladly assist you with your issue.

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