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Avoid this year's electricity rate increase. Capitalize on government incentives that allow you to purchase solar at historically low prices. Support Georgia's booming new solar industry and help create jobs in an economy that has been crippled by high unemployment.
Nationwide energy rates are going up every year: Electricity rates increase by an average of 4% nationally each year. Why suffer through another increase? Why deal with a utility company that doubles the price of electricity during the hottest months of the year? Why continue to be monopolized by your local utility company and forced to pay whatever rate increases they decide to charge without any choice or any voice in the matter? Avoid this year's rate increase. In fact, never receive another rate increase again. Install a Solar Kinetics Solar System and declare your energy independence today.
Help support a new and blooming industry and create job growth in America: When Politicians run for office, they often promise to focus on job creation. When Politicians get into office, they often forget about job creation and focus on taking from the poor and giving back to the rich. The United States Solar Industry already employs more than the coal and gas industry combined. Solar is expanding and growing faster than ever and every bit of expansion equals more jobs for the residents of Georgia. At Solar Kinetics, we not only promises to create jobs in Georgia, we deliver. And if you want proof, sign up for a Solar Kinetics solar system and see how many people immediately begin going to work for you today.
Government Subsidies do not last forever: Government Incentives are set to soon expire. Don't risk missing out on the opportunity to have the price of your solar system reduced by 30%. With the bickering in Washington over money and finances, programs like these can be placed on the chopping block and repealed at any moment. Capitalize on the opportunity while it is still here. Switch to Solar Kinetics today.
Be on the cutting edge. Own latest in energy efficiency technology: Tout your energy efficiency. Proclaim your technological savvy. By going solar you become a part of the latest and greatest in environmentally friendly renewable energy. A technology that is not only green and good for the environment, but good for your wallet and pocketbook as well. Join the solar Revolution. Install a Solar Kinetics Solar System today.
Everybody's Doing it: All across the state, thousands of Georgia residents are installing solar on their homes each month. Georgians are beginning to recognize that you don't have to be wealthy or well to do to be able to afford solar. Solar is now affordable to the everyday hardworking citizen. Georgians are recognizing that though installing solar is an extremely beneficial to the environment, you do not have to be an environmental activist to see the benefit of solar. For most people the benefit of solar is seen on monthly basis when they see their reduced price electricity bill. Solar is the next booming industry in Georgia. Soon it will be the new normal when it comes to in home residential energy production. So go ahead, everybody's doing it. Install a Solar Kinetics Solar System today.
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