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State and Federal Incentives are allowing Georgia residents to purchase solar at prices that are at their lowest in history. At the same time, utility companies are increasing their rates by an average of 4% per year. Why pay more? Contact Solar Kinetics for a free Solar Assessment today
Current Government Tax Incentives Pay 30%: The Federal Government is pushing for the country to go solar. Currently they are offering a 30 percent tax incentive to anyone who purchases a solar system for their home. What this means is that you will receive a tax return for 30 percent of the purchase price of your solar system. This significantly reduces the price of the solar system and allows us to offer solar systems at prices that everyday hardworking people can afford to pay.
Finance Options 0$ Down: Through our partners we are able to offer loans that completely cover the cost of your solar system. The loans are disbursed based on credit worthiness and anyone with a 650 credit score or better can be approved. Decisions are made quickly and funds are dispersed quickly as well. All loans offered by Solar Kinetics come with a 0$ monetary obligation to our customer. This means that you don't have to put any money down to secure the loan. Just fill out an online application, receive your approval letter and await your loan disbursement.
Pay roughly the same or less than what your currently paying: At Solar Kinetics, when we enter into your home to give you a free solar consultation. It is our intention to fully eliminate your current electric bill from the utility company and to offer you a zero down solar loan. We then strive to either reduce your currently monthly payment or at minimum lock in your monthly payment at roughly the same as what you were paying to the utility company. We set your monthly payments up so that it cost you little to no extra on a monthly basis to switch over to solar. Once your utility bill has been eliminated by installing a Solar Kinetics Solar System, use the money that you save on your utility bill to pay off the monthly payment on your zero down solar loan.
Sign and install: At Solar Kinetics we offer the easiest Solar Finance options in the business. There is no hassle to it. It's not a long drawn out process. We do an in home consultation to identify the energy needs of the home. We do an online application to get you preapproved for funding. We review the installation and maintenance contract to confirm that you are very satisfied with what you will be receiving with your solar system. Your signature is all it takes for us to begin the process of installing a Solar Kinetics Solar System on your home.
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