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The benefits of going solar are seemingly unending. From eliminating your electric bill, to avoiding yearly rate increases. Solar isn't just a wise choice economically, but it's a clean renewable energy that is good for the environment as well.
Save Money on your Monthly Electricity Bill: Through our lending partners we are now able to offer solar at prices that are lower than ever before. We aim to completely eliminate your bill from the utility company and charge you a price that is roughly the same or often times less than what you currently pay for electricity. The difference is, what you pay for solar energy is a fixed cost that does not rise year after year like the cost of energy from the utility company. And then once the system is paid for, your electricity is free for as long as you keep solar installed on your home.
Save our World. Preserve our Environment: The impact that you alone can have on the environment by installing solar on your home is astounding. The average 5 Kilowatt solar system installed on a home for 25 years amounts to the equivalent of 3,003 trees planted, 22 cars taken off of the road for an entire year, 41 tons of waste recycled rather than placed in a landfill, saving over 80,000 gallons of water used in electricity production and ultimately avoids the usage of over 16 tons of burned coal.
Get Paid when you Generate Excess Energy: Use the excess energy that your solar system generates to get paid by the utility company. Through a process called net metering excess energy produced by your solar system is sent to the utility companies energy grid. The utility company uses the energy that you send to the grid to power homes and business in your local area. In exchange for your energy, the utility company will pay you a set amount for any excess electricity that your solar system sends to them in a given month. This money can then either be used to further offset your current utility bill or it can be put in your pocket and used for other household expenses.
Increase you Homes resale value: Solar systems have shown to increase a home's resale value by thousands of dollars. On top of increasing a home's value, studies show that the time it takes to sell a home with solar installed is significantly shorter than the time it takes to sell a non solar home. When you can list the fact your home comes with no electric utility payment it becomes a major selling point to an interested buyer.
Avoid the cost of Rising Electricity Rates: Electric rates increase by an average of 4% nationally each year. It never seems like a big deal to us at the time. An additional 5 dollars a month or so. But 5 dollars a month for 10 years is an additional 50 dollars a month. And an increase of 5 dollars a month for 20 years is an additional hundred dollars a month. The difference between staying with the utility company and switching over to Solar Kinetics is that we lock in the rate that you pay for electricity for life. Switch now to clean renewable solar energy and the price you pay for electricity for your home will be fixed and never go up. And 20 years from now, rather than paying an extra hundred dollars per month or 1200 dollars per year to the utility company, you can proudly own your solar system outright. And the energy you consume will be free for you and your household for as long as you have solar installed on your home.
Plan for the future and retirement: The future is filled with uncertainty and uncertainty often causes us to worry. We worry about the future cost of food for our families and gasoline for our cars. We worry about cost of health insurance and retirement. What people often fail to worry about is the cost of electricity. What will you do when your retired, on a fixed income and for the 3 hottest months of the year the utility company sends you a 500 dollar electric bill for running your air conditioner to keep cool. How will you be able to afford it when the cost of electricity doubles if not triples over the next 10 to 20 years. By Switching to a Solar Kinetics Solar system, you can eliminate that worry. Declare you energy independence. Install a Solar Kinetics solar system today.
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