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  We are Georgia's Premier Residential Solar Installer
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Solar Kinetics Inc. is Georgia's premier residential solar installer. Our focus on
Excellent Customer Service, Quality Installations and Affordable
Finance Options are second to none.

We Make Switching to Solar an Easy Process: After completing our free in home consultation we begin your solar installation by handling all needed paperwork and permitting for you. We take care of building permits, utility interconnection, and tax incentive registrations. From there our expert installers design, install, inspect and certify your solar system. Through Net Metering your solar system is turned on so that you can immediately begin saving on your monthly Electric Bill.
We make Solar Affordable: If you think solar is beyond you budget, think again. Solar Kinetics is making residential solar a reality in Georgia by offering low cost, zero down loan options to Georgia residents. Through our Banking Partners we are able to offer zero down loan options with payments that for most customers, are less expensive than what they are currently paying monthly to the utility company. The solar system takes care of all of your homes energy needs, and rather than pay the utility company for energy, you pay a fixed rate to our Banking partner until the solar system is paid for. No more inflated summertime electric bills, no more yearly rate increases. Once the system is paid for, Electricity is free from the sun for as long as you have solar installed on your home. 
Aesthetically Pleasing Designs: At Solar Kinetics, our goal on every installation is to add to a home's curb appeal, not to detract from it. Whether your solar panels are installed in the front of your home or in the back, we take every precaution to ensure that the design is aesthetically pleasing to the eye, as well as cost effective and structurally sound. In fact, prior to the start of any installation, you will be provided with a computer generated image that will show you how your solar panels will look after they have been installed on the roof of your home. At Solar Kinetics, we don't just tell you the installation will look nice... We prove it.
Premium Support included with each installation: At Solar Kinetics, Customer Service is where we hang our hat. It is the Cornerstone that our business is built upon. It is the founding principle that drives behind everything that we do. Premium maintenance support starts as soon as installation of your solar system begins. You are assigned a Solar Kinetics Premium Support Representative and given a direct contact number for that individual. Whenever you have questions, concerns, or need updates. You can call into Solar Kinetics and speak directly to a live person who has firsthand knowledge of your account. No more being passed from department to department while having to give the same information over and over to each person that you speak to. No more being transferred to an outsourced overseas employee who you barely understand and who can barley understand you. All of our Premium Support Reps are local and Stateside, and they have but one purpose and that is to ensure that you have the smoothest, worry free and pleasant installation process possible.  
Have a choice. Refuse to be monopolized by the utility: In so many Cities and Counties in Georgia a person's options for purchasing energy are none. There is often only one electric Utility company and as a result of that lack of competition, the Utility company can charge you whatever they want for electricity and you are forced to pay it. They can continue to raise rates on your energy every year and you are forced to deal with it. At Solar Kinetics, we give you the option to choose. We give you the option to refuse not to be monopolized. No longer are you dependant on a publicly traded Utility company whose primary responsibility is to secure large profits for its shareholders. You can now generate clean, environmentally safe, reduced cost energy for your home. And you can do so without being taken advantage of by your local utility company. 
Peace of Mind: With Solar Kinetics there are no worries, because everything is covered. We provide a 25 year manufacturer's warranty for each solar component that we install in your home. Your purchase also comes with a 10 year Premium Maintenance Contract so that if any of the components of your solar system fail, not only do we send you a replacement part. We send out a technician to replace the part for you with no additional labor cost. Also provided with each installation is Free web monitoring for your homes solar system. Web monitoring tracks the solar panels installed on your roof and shows you the output of each individual solar panels energy production. If ever you notice a lack of production from a given solar panel, or if ever you notice a solar panel is offline. Call Solar Kinetics and speak to your premium support representative. Schedule Severity 1 maintenance service and we will promptly dispatch a technician to resolve any problems that are found. 
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